So consider this – pick up one of each of these awesome aerial tech wonders (all available now at 50%-60% in the TechnoBuffalo Deals section), conduct your own personal flight tests on each model, then put your buddies through flight training and get the whole fleet up in the air at the same time.

Limited-Edition ‘Code Black’ HD-Camera Drone: $69

Limited-Edition 'Code Black' HD-Camera Drone

The Dark Knight of the skyways, the Code Black is an all-time best seller with good reason. Its combination of flight precision, ease of use and brilliant HD video footage make this palm-sized powerhouse a must-see item.  Right now, it’s an ultra-affordable $69 — 65% off its regular price.

Striker Spy HD-Camera Drone: $69.99

Striker Spy HD-Camera Drone

The hardy Striker drone comes with full surveillance capabilities right out of the box, including an integrated HD camera with built-in shutter stabilization. That means you can shoot up to 30 minutes of sharp aerial footage or nearly 50,000 crystal-clear photos of your high-flying exploits. Get it now for 58% off.

UDI HD Discovery Drone & Crash Pack: $89.99

UDI HD Discovery Drone & Crash Pack

Stable flight & easy operation are the calling card of this nifty little quadcopter. In addition to its six-axis gyro control, beginner and expert flight modes and simple USB rechargeability, the Discoveryalso sports a sharp HD camera of its own, capable of some stunning HD-quality still and motion footage. An amazing deal, grab it now at a head-turning 60% off.

Snowflake Stealth Drone: $29.99

Snowflake Stealth Drone

The mighty mite of this mini-drone class, the Snowflake clocks in at less than five ounces – but this stealth craft proves a lot of precision flight tech can be packed into a small package. Execute flawless 4-way flips, 360-degree rolls and even wicked sharp twists and turns – all in a unit that can land right in your hand.  At $29.99 – 70% off – it’s the perfect introductory drone unit.