Apparently there’s always a Droid in the Android pipeline and it looks like Motorola’s turn is coming June 23rd where they’ll reveal the next generation of Droid on Verizon.  Engadget got some hands on time with Motorola’s Droid X and it looks to be a pretty solid device.  The Droid X sports a massive 4.4-inch FWVGA screen with four physical buttons along the bottom.  Atop Android 2.1, Motorola has slapped on an unseen variation of Motoblur that’s less obtrusive than seen on the Backflip.  The device apparently came preloaded with a Blockbuster application and the future availability of an HDMI dock means TV streaming is well on its way.  Or maybe since this thing is so big we’re supposed to use it as a TV.  Did I mention its 4.4” screen?  The thing dwarfs even the EVO 4G in size.


Is that a Droid X in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?  Clear that up in the comments please and then check out Engadget for more Droid eyecandy.