Buyers were already ready to lineup following the Moto X Play’s announcement. Here was a phone with decent specs and a monster battery (3650mAh), and a pretty affordable price to boot. But then Motorola broke hearts by saying it wouldn’t come to the U.S., instead focusing on the Moto G and Moto X Pure Edition.

Good news: the Moto X Play will make it to the States, only it’ll be rebranded as the DROID Maxx 2. The device will pretty much be identical to the Play, but seemingly have that familiar Verizon spin; red accents, plenty of bloat, and an obnoxious Verizon logo. Well, maybe not that last one. But you’ll definitely know it’s a Verizon device.

Phandroid broke the news today, but didn’t reveal any hardware specs or a release date, though it did say to expect that same $300 off-contract price. If it is indeed a rebranded Play, we can probably expect the same monstrous battery, 5.5-inch Full HD screen, Android 5.1.1, a Snapdragon 615 processor, 16/32GB of expandable storage, and a “best in class” 21-megapixel camera.

But that’s not the only DROID device headed to Verizon. Phandroid says a DROID Turbo 2 is also on the way, and that it’ll feature “an unbreakable display,” whatever that means. That sounds like a challenge to all the YouTube channels dedicated to destroying shiny objects.

Other specs aren’t revealed, though it’s supposedly based off the Moto X Style, which is pretty high end. That device comes with a 5.7-inch Quad HD screen, Snapdragon 808 processor, Android 5.1.1, a 21-megapixel camera, 3GB of RAM, 12/32/64GB of expandable storage, and a 3000mAh battery.

It simply sounds like Verizon’s emphasis will be on durability, just as it was with the last Turbo. That could mean a stronger build, water resistance and the like.

No word on when an announcement will drop, though it’s worth noting the original DROID Turbo launched at the end of October, so maybe we’ll hear more next month.