A few weeks ago Verizon let it slip in an ad on its website that the Droid Razr Maxx would be launching January 26. Once Verizon noticed the error, however, it quickly removed the date from the advertisement, replacing it with a "available soon" message.

It seems the carrier has had another slipup, and now has 26th listed as the date the Razr Maxx will "launch to all channels" on the spec page for the phone in its website. While one slip might have been a mistake, he second seems to confirm that we'll be seeing the handset this Thursday.

The Droid Razr Maxx for all intents and purposes is the same phone has the Droid Razr. The handset adds 2 millimeters to the phone's thickness, and doubles its battery size (going from a 1780mAh battery to a 3300mAh battery), which Motorola claims gives the phone 21 hours of battery life on a single charge.

[via Droid-Life]