Motorolla Droid Maxx Release Date

Those coveting the upcoming Droid Maxx only have to wait a few more weeks until it hits, a slip up suggests. has revealed a January 26 release date for the better battery life-touting Maxx, which we introduced a few days ago, sans release date. Now we know for sure.

Since leaking the date, Motorola has wiped any evidence from its site, instead displaying  “Available Soon” on its Droid Razr Maxx landing page. Sorry Motorola, but the Internet wins this round. Unless it was just a complete mishap (unlikely), in which case the phone may not show up on 1/26.

The Maxx is billed as “the longest-lasting smartphone on the block,” with up to 21 hours of use on a charge. With the upgraded battery, Motorola is asking for $299, $100 more than the current Droid Razr. Why couldn’t the original device come with 21 hours of battery life?