Verizon is slowly purging its website of HTC’s DNA, with little to no trace of the device anywhere to be found. No, seriously. See for yourself: go to Verizon’s website and try to purchase the handset. You can’t. If the device has already reached the end of its cycle, its lifespan seems particularly short—the DNA only just came out at the end of last year—even in today’s “here today, gone tomorrow” market. So what is hitting Verizon in its place?

Earlier this month, HTC’s Twitter account stated the One “will not be available on the Verizon network,” so that possibility is ruled out. That’s unfortunate, too, because the One is currently the best Android device we’ve seen so far this year. However, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a One/DNA combo device, a best of both worlds from HTC. If that’s the case, Verizon customers are surely in for a treat. At this point, though, we’re not sure what a One/DNA combo would entail. We’d expect to see some of the One’s features make the jump, but what about the design?

It is worth noting that HTC’s tweet debunking the Verizon HTC One rumor was quickly deleted after going up, throwing a cog in this whole tale. Either way, the Droid DNA is being sent off into the sunset, and something is surely coming soon to take its place. Hopefully we’ll know more soon.