What would you say to a DROID phone being added to Moto Maker? Would that be something you’d be interested in? It’s going to happen, according to a new report from Phandroid.

The only caveat is that we don’t know what DROID phone the customization service will support. Will it be the DROID Turbo, which actually just received a slight makeover? Or will it be something completely new? If this does happen, I’m guessing it’ll be something fresh, a device we haven’t seen yet.

While I’m all for more DROID Turbo love, that device is, by tech standards, old, and there isn’t really that much you can customize anyway. The point of that device is to be a rugged alternative to something like the Moto X, something you buy to withstand the everyday perils of smartphone ownership. Not to dress up and show off.

Motorola allegedly has a number of new devices on the way, so, yeah, there’s a chance a new DROID for Verizon phone is imminent. Whether it supports Moto Maker remains to be seen.

Moto Maker currently offers customers the opportunity to customize the Moto X and Moto 360.