Droid ChargeOne of the side effects of the recent Verizon LTE outage was besides inconvenienced customers, it also scuttled the launch of the Droid Charge.  Originally scheduled to launch on April 28th, the LTE network went down on April 27th which made it impossible to activate any new devices that run on the 4G system.  While never an optimal thing to happen, it’s even worse when you’re about to launch a new flagship phone.

An internal email was sent out to Verizon stores informing them of the situation, and that the Charge launch would have to be rescheduled at a later date.  The unfortunate part of this was that there was absolutely no indication of what that new date would be.  Evidence has popped up over the weekend that the new date is going to be Tuesday, May 3rd, but nothing official has been said as of yet.

There have been conflicting reports that Costco would have the handset on either May 3rd or May 5th, but it does look like the discount club chain will be receiving them on Monday.  (Considering the launch was canceled mere hours before the original release date, you have to wonder why they weren’t already there in a storage room.)  Further cementing the idea of a Tuesday release was a picture sent into Android Central of the phone already sitting in a display case at a Walmart, but not being able to be purchased yet.

The moral of the story is, the Droid Charge is definitely coming, it’s only a question now of when you’ll be able to walk into a store and pick it up.  It’s a little odd that a last minute delay is causing this much of a fuss when you would have thought everything was in place for it to go on sale anyway, but whatever the case is, it does look like it will be some time this week, and more than likely it will be Tuesday.

Are you disappointed by the delayed launch of the Droid Charge?

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