The Samsung Droid Charge has been having a bit of a rough ride for the past few days due to the recent Verizon LTE outage.  First it missed its scheduled launch date, and then no one was quite sure when it was going to be released.  As we reported earlier today, it looked like it was going to be coming out this Tuesday … or maybe Thursday … no one really knew.

To add even more confusion to the whole scenario, a tipster has just sent us the picture you see in this post of the Droid Charge on display at a southern California Best Buy today.  It is indeed out on display and the clerks told him that he could purchase it right then if he wanted to.

Droid Charge at Best Buy

We don’t know if this is a trend across the entire chain, or if this one particular location just set them out because they were in the back room, but it definitely looks like the stock is out there in at least some stores if you look around. As the tipster didn’t purchase the phone, we don’t know if it would have actually activated or not, but if you’re desperate for a Droid Charge, you may want to go hit up your local Best Buy as soon as possible.

Let us know if you find the Droid Charge in your neck of the woods in the comments below.