Droid Charge DelayedThose of you who were hoping to pick up a Droid Charge today at Verizon will unfortunately have to wait until … well, we don’t know.

As we reported yesterday, Verizon’s LTE outage might mess up the release of the Droid Charge, the latest phone to come to the carrier that will support the carrier’s faster network.  As of this posting the phone is still not showing up on Verizon’s online store, and calls to the local retail store front are going unanswered.  The other two phones due out today – the Droid Incredible 2 and Casio G’zOne Commando – are both available, but neither of those handsets support the LTE network, so there was no reason they should have been impacted.  All this shows is that things do appear to be working normally at Verizon for the most part, and that is just the Droid Charge that is missing in action.

According to an internal email  that Engadget has seen, just how long the delay for release will last is not known at this time.  The LTE network appears to be coming back up across the country right now, but the email states that “unexpected delays” are what’s keeping the phone from making its way into consumers hands today.

We can’t imagine that Verizon is going to want to sit on piles of this stock for too long, and with the LTE network returning, so it’s probably not going to too long of a delay.  If not this weekend, our guess would be with a week.  While disappointing, this was probably the best solution as it will keep customers from getting frustrated with their brand new phone, and that is certainly not something Verizon or Samsung would want.

Does the delay of the Droid Charge change any purchasing plans you may have had?