Yesterday, Time magazine released their “Top 10 Everything of 2009” with the Motorola Droid taking this year’s top honors.  In fact Time the iPhone 3GS ranked 4th behind the B&N Nook and the Dyson Air Multiplier.  So how did the Droid sneak its way past the behemoth that once dominated these same charts?  Ad Age credits the device’s success to the viral advertising campaign behind the Droid.


Carriers and handset makers alike dread information and device leaks for fear of incomplete prototypes and bugs make their rounds.  Like so many devices before it, leaked pictures of the Droid began prematurely appearing on Boy Genius Report and made their rounds to the popular tech blogs.  Verizon’s outlook with the Droid was something unheard of.  Instead of distancing themselves from the leaks and rumors, they embraced the news and took advantage of the device’s coverage.  Free publicity, right?

Bloggers too were treated on a more personal level with less crowded conference calls allowing reporters to ask questions to engineers from both Motorola and Google.  Demo events were littered with these same engineers who had a hand in the development of the Droid.  Getting the right information from the developers who knew the device inside and out was crucial to the Droid’s success.  The press kits that Verizon sent out to reviewers were more in-depth than the standard photocopied spec sheets included with lesser known devices.

Verizon knew they had a device worthy of competing with the best.  With the hardware and software to back it up, it was up to Verizon to make the Droid a household name.  With the device selling over 100,000 units the weekend it was available, the Droid can credit much of its success to Verizon’s $85 million marketing campaign.

Be sure to check out the Ad Age article for the remaining details on the Droid’s success.  You’ll also find our very own Jon Rettinger featured in the article!  Prepare for paparazzi, Jon, you’re a celebrity now.

[Via AdAge & Time]