In the future, if all goes to plan, we'll skirt around to our jobs and to the mall (will malls still exist?) in driverless cars, having no fear of major accidents. Several firms are working to get us to that future, including Google and Delphi, but we're not quite there yet. A new report from the AP says there have been four driverless car accidents since September.

Three of the vehicles were Lexus-built cars outfitted with Google's tech while the other one was built by Delphi. The good news? It wasn't the fault of the driverless cars, Google and Delphi said.

The AP explained that there was a driver in control of the vehicle in two instances and, in the other two instances, the cars were driving autonomously. Each time, the cars were driving under 10mph, which suggests they were minor fender benders.

Additional details of the mishaps weren't provided, but it sounds like autonomous driving is off to a good start, considering that none of the accidents were blamed of the self-driving vehicles.