Driveclub Yellow Mercedes

While the team at Evolution Studios is still hard at work taking care of the server issues plaguing Driveclub, another part of the team just released a substantial content update for the title.

For free, all Driveclub owners are getting three new tracks in the India, Chile, and Scotland environments. Each track comes in forward and reverse variants. Additionally, the team has added a much-needed photo mode to the game. This mode can be enabled at any time by pressing the right side of the PlayStation 4's touch pad.

With a game that looks as good as Driveclub does, this is a feature that should've been present from the start. With how many issues the game has had at release, though, it's easy to see why features like photo mode and non-European cars might've taken a back seat to just finishing the game.

For those concerned about the team working on bonus tracks and DLC, the team said in one response on its Facebook post that everyone who can work on the server issue is, and that doesn't cover the whole team – the developers building the tracks and other content are not the same ones that work the server issues.

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