It’s taken a lot longer than Sony had promised, but the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition is finally launching for the PlayStation 4. Originally, this freebie was supposed to highlight the launch of its console but performance issues held it back until Evolution Studios was able to work them out.

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida addressed fans with its launch, apologizing for the delay.

We’ve spent a long time preparing for this launch after some difficult and unexpected set-backs. To make absolutely certain that all players have the smoothest and most stable experience possible we are going to be duly cautious about how we release the game this time around.

The game will be available from this morning with offline mode, and the online mode should be rolled out before the day ends. Yoshida warns of slow server problems for the first several hours, but addresses this by saying it will help with frustration in the long run.

We know that this might be frustrating after your extra wait already, but hope you can understand that we are taking extra precautions to protect your experience when you do get online.

Be sure to check out DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition for the PlayStation 4 today.