Everybody knows that if Driveclub ever gets released, the PlayStation Plus version is going to be free. Seeing as though PlayStation Plus is required to play the PlayStation 4 online, though, most are obviously going to go the free route and end up not paying for the game, right? Well, they are only getting a fraction of the tracks available.

Sony has detailed what the Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition will have in compared to the full $49.99 version. Those who decide to go the free route will only be able to play in one of the game's locations, India, and have access to only eleven tracks, ten cars, and all gameplay modes.

The one-time $49.99 upgrade to the full version will come with five different areas, 55 tracks, 50 cars, and 50 different tour events, as long as your PlayStation Plus account remains active. Once it expires you won't have any access to the game because it is online only and you simply need PlayStation Plus to play it. That secure retail box you get grants you no sense of permanence anymore in this world.

Consider Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition a free extended demo of the real thing. The $49.99 is just like buying a normal game, but we have yet to see if it will obtain Forza Motorsport 5 levels of absurd microtransactions.

Sony also promised two more updates on Driveclub this week, so if you are interested in more next gen racing, stay tuned.