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When Driveclub hits the PlayStation 4 in October, in case you somehow forgot, it will come as a free title for PlayStation Plus members. It's not the full and complete version of the driving game, but Sony has said that it does have "loads of content."

Some questions have come up regarding the nature of Driveclub's availability alongside the other stuff PlayStation Plus members usually get on a month-to-month basis. Sony's answered the call on that one, and it looks like Driveclub will come in addition to the stuff hitting the PS Plus Instant Game Collection in October.

SCEE Blog Manager Fred Dutton responded to a commenter asking that same question on the European PlayStation Blog. Here's his response.

Driveclub will be in addition to you regular PS Plus allocation. There's loads of content included. Do try it out – I think you'll have a great time with it, and at no additional cost to your wallet.

Right, there's that bit about this free version of Driveclub hosting "loads of content."

I'll obviously be picking up the free version in order to sample Driveclub on the PlayStation 4, but are you getting set to pay for the full edition on release? You'll be able to upgrade on the Oct. 7 release date, and you can do that for $50.