Driveclub has, according to game director Paul Rustchynsky of developer Evolution Studios, sold over 2 million copies. Not bad for a game with as troubled a launch as Driveclub experienced. That number was hit before the game’s free PlayStation Plus edition released in June, as well.

The game has had a weird path. During development, it was announce that the game would launch with a free edition available on PlayStation Plus in addition to a standard retail box. The PS Plus edition would come with a few cars and one set of tracks, with more available for purchase. It certainly wouldn’t be the first free-to-play game, but it was one of the very first games to get this kind of treatment.

The game was eventually delayed from early 2014 until that fall, at which point it released to some pretty solid reviews before promptly breaking on release day under the strain of launch. The game stayed broken for quite a while, too, with all of its much-touted social features entirely unusable for weeks. The PlayStation Plus edition didn’t even hit until June of this year.

That hasn’t kept racing fans from finding something to love, though. Driveclub is still, alongside The Order: 1886, a great set-piece for the PlayStation 4’s graphical capabilities on top of having some pretty intense racing when you crank up the weather effects. It’s also gotten some pretty solid post-release support from the developer including both free and paid content, as well as some substantial updates.

With a rocky first outing behind them, maybe Evolution Studios will have a smoother time with the likely sequel.