Sony announced today as part of their Paris Games Show event that Driveclub, their PlayStation 4 exclusive arcade racer, will see the addition of motorcycles to the game.

The motorcycle pack can either be purchased as downloadable content for the existing title or as its own separate pack, if you don’t own Driveclub and just want to see how bikes play and look.

The pack includes a new campaign, new skill challenges, and bikes from “Ducati, Yamaha, Honda and many more top manufacturers.” When Burnout Paradise added motorcycles years ago, it was a surprise, but a welcome one, and they’re sure to look good as part of Evolution Studios’ graphical powerhouse. I’m curious to see how these things handle in the snow. This is the team that built the Motorstorm games back in the day, so they should prove to be fun.

The content will be available on the PlayStation store once the show ends today.