Back it March, Sony announced that they decided to shut down Evolution Studios, developer of the recent DriveClub and titles like MotorStorm. They did so citing redundancies and their future plans. Evolution Studios was to close in April.

Here we are, mere weeks before that closure, and Codemasters has stepped up to save Evolution. Codemasters is a developer and publisher, and they have a history with racing games. They wanted the talented folks at Evolution on their team.

The news was announced on the company’s blog. CEO Frank Sagnier was quoted in the story, too:

“The success of F1™ 2015 and DiRT Rally over the last 12 months has re-positioned the company for growth.  The addition of the Evolution team to our studio group will allow us to scale our business and strengthen our leadership as the world’s premier racing game developer.  I’m thrilled to have Mick Hocking join Codemasters as VP of Product Development. His experience in building AAA IP and leading great teams made him a natural choice to head the development of all of our products. I am equally thrilled to welcome his talented team to the Codemasters family and I look forward to the great games and brand new IP we will develop together.”

This is great news for both the Evolution team and fans of racing games. DriveClub wound up being a great racer plagued with server issues. Fans who stuck with the game after its troubled launch signaled that it wound up quite the title.

Let’s see if the the team can repeat that success below a new umbrella.