Driveclub is catching another free content update this week on the PlayStation 4. This time around, Evolution Studios is releasing Icona Vulcano.

The studio put a four minute preview video of the content up on Facebook, which we grabbed from YouTube by way of GamesHQMedia. The Facebook status that accompanied the video reads as follows:

We're test driving the upcoming Icona Vulcano, which will be added to PlayStation®Store next week as a free #DRIVECLUB download.

We love how it sounds – what do you think?

The post itself went up late last Friday, so when it reads "next week," we know they actually mean this one.

This comes as yet another free update for a title that was exceptionally shoddy near launch. Driveclub arrived in a completely broken fashion, and it took Evolution Studios and Sony a long time to even turn it into a playable game.

I pose a question to the Driveclub fans out there: Since its release, has Evolution Studios managed to bring Driveclub up to great game status with their support and free content updates? Or, is it still a racing game steeped in problematic design flaws?