Here comes a strange concept from the same developers behind Derrick the Deathfin, which was a totally sweet papercraft-ish game that I sunk some serious time into a year or so ago. Different Cloth is making Drive!Drive!Drive!, a racing game about steering through multiple race tracks at the same time.

The whole thing actually looks pretty darn cool in the trailer. The music comes from ZOMBI, a duo I've run across a few times while cruising around Spotify with my weird taste in music. The tunes in the trailer sound good, too.

Drive!Drive!Drive!'s reveal clip ends with Different Cloth telling us that this game will eventually come out on "some platforms" whenever it's ready. Given its history with PC and PlayStation, I wouldn't be surprised if this thing drops on the PlayStation 4 and PC, but I'm totally guessing at that.

Really. I'm guessing. I have no idea if, when or on what this game will release. We'll have more on the very interesting looking Drive!Drive!Drive! as it comes. Stay tuned.