Dreamworks Dreamtab

DreamWorks, the animation studio that brought us Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek the Third, and other hits like Kung Fu Panda and Megamind, is launching its own Android-powered tablet this spring. According to The New York Times, the device will come in under $300 when it hits store shelves, though final pricing has not yet been decided upon.

Obviously the target market here is children, so the tablet, built by a company called Fuhu, probably won’t pack the latest and greatest specs on the market — though it will ship with a stylus — come this spring. Still, it’s compelling to note the entry into the market from a studio that’s best known for its animated hits on TV and the big screen.

DreamWorks will start out with an 8-inch device but also wants to launch a much larger 12-inch model, and will also sell an array of accessories including cases and headphones, all of which will have DreamWorks branding. The tablet will also have custom catered DreamWorks content for kids, which will help it stand out against competing tablets, like the Kindle Fire HDX and iPad. That content includes appearances by characters from DreamWorks movies and shows while your kids are using the tablet, and we bet it will eventually include other DreamWorks content, too.

The New York Times spoke to the creators of the tablet and said that the idea isn’t to offer a tablet that’s too watered down, so it will still have a full parent mode where Android can run freely and uninterrupted. The company didn’t list any of the other features, so we don’t yet know what kind of actual specs it will offer, though we do think DreamWorks is on to something, at least for kids who are fans of its animated movies.