The Longest Journey and its sequel Dreamfall are often considered two of the best graphical adventures since the genre's presence began to disappear towards the end of the 90s. Their universe and characters are the work of Norwegian game designer Ragnar Tørnquist, who is currently working as the creative director of the offbeat MMO, The Secret World.

Six years after Dreamfall ended in a cliffhanger, Tørnquist has been given the opportunity to revisit his creation and finally wrap up the narrative in his long awaited sequel Dreamfall Chapters with the help of his newly established team Red Thread Games.

"I'm very excited to finally have the opportunity to continue the 'The Longest Journey' saga. Ever since we ended 'Dreamfall' on a nail-biting cliffhanger, players have been rightfully demanding a sequel, and my deal with Funcom will finally make that possible. I'm extremely grateful to Funcom for this unique and exciting opportunity, and I can't wait to dive back into the universe I helped create more than a decade ago, and continue the story players have been waiting for these past six years."

Funcom has owned the rights to The Longest Journey series since its inception, but it has licensed the series out to its original creator after the Norwegian Film Institute funded the project with $175,000. Kudos to both Funcom, who focuses mostly on online games, and the NFI for allowing the creator to finish his artistic vision in a rare move for an ever corporate-expanding industry.

Tørnquist has said he will turn to crowd funding with the game eventually as well, and given the beloved reputation these games enjoy, it seems highly likely that another Kickstarter success story might be on our hands.

Both games can be found cheap through GOG.com and Steam, so give them a go if you haven't already.

[via Joystiq]