We’re going to play a little game of “screenshot or concept art” with the gallery above. Why are we doing that? Because Yager Development’s and Grey Box’s upcoming aerial combat game Dreadnought has taken graphics to the point where its gameplay is almost indistinguishable from a beautiful hand drawn piece of art.

Yager Entertainment, of Spec Op: The Line fame, has released the new images in 4K resolution to show off just how brilliantly its slow and tactics-oriented aerial shooter shines under the microscope. Breathtaking!

Naturally, the screenshots are the ones which display the game’s hud, but I had to do a double take at quite a few of the concept art pieces to make sure they weren’t in-engine. Isn’t it crazy what graphics can do today?

Dreadnought itself looks like a fun game from what we’ve seen in previous trailers, but Yager Development’s previous hit was better known for its storytelling rather than its gameplay. Not that Spec Ops’ gameplay was sluggish or anything, it was just simply a vessel to get its story across. It will be interesting to see how Yager handles a purely gameplay experience.

Dreadnought will be released on PC later in 2015.