Paper, a beautiful and powerful drawing app for iPad, is finally making its way to the iPhone. FiftyThree teased a release on Tuesday, though it didn’t say when it would be available. All we know is that the app is “coming soon.”

If you own an iPad, chances are you’ve used Paper at one point, even if you don’t consider yourself an artist. The app gives users the tools to jot down notes, sketches and more; your creations are only limited to your imagination.

I’m pretty bad at drawing, but Paper actually makes the process fun. And it’s shockingly easy to use. Just pick your preferred paint brush, and star drawing. It’s unclear how different Paper for iPhone will be. The image above doesn’t really give us any indication of what to expect, so we assume it’s the same experience as you’d get on the larger iPad.

Given how Apple has increased the iPhone screen size up to 5.5 inches, it’s no surprise to see Paper on more devices. After all, it puts the app in more pockets, which in turn could help build interest in the company’s other products, such as its stylus.

Look for Paper for iPhone to drop soon.