Square Enix has carved out a nice little market for themselves on the iOS market. Competing with smaller indie RPG companies should be no problem with their name recognition, but their original titles have also been pretty well received save their high pricing points. First, the Chaos Rings have been popular and provided a quick Square Enix RPG fix to those who need a go on the train, and a new exclusive Final Fantasy game is available through episodic download.

And just now, a brand new episodic RPG has crept its way silently onto the iOS. Drakerider will also be an episodic RPG experience, each chapter costing $7, or you can knock down the total price by paying for all six chapters up front for $21. How does Square Enix get away with these crazy iOS prices? Easy, they're Square Enix and people are willing to pay.

Seriously though, this one looks kind of fun, but none of the trailers show off any gameplay. I'm intrigued, but not ready to hand over all that money for an iOS game by any means. Luckily, it comes with a free introductory chapter, much like Final Fantasy Dimensions, so you can make an informed decision as to whether you might want it or not. What are you waiting for? It's free!

[via Joystiq]

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