Game developer Yoko Taro is riding a career high with his game NieR: Automata proving to be his biggest critical hit and most mainstream title to date. Before his partnership with Platinum Games, the offbeat personality exclusively worked with his own studio called Cavia make janky action games that got by on their storytelling and conceptual ideas rather than on their technical prowess and gameplay.

He became something of a cult figure thanks to his previous series Drakengard, a trio of games that seem like cookie cutter projects on the surface but hold so much more underneath. Their stories leap all over the place, and their protagonists could be genuinely controversial if they were more popular, tackling traits like cannibalism, sororicide, and incest.

Yeah, weird, weird games, especially since they were originally pitched as nothing more than Dynasty Warriors with a dragon in them.

These Drakengard games are the ones fans want Yoko Taro to re-release for modern consoles, and he replied to the request at PAX East this past weekend saying it’s all up to Square Enix. He would love to remaster the games to modern standards, but Square Enix would have to foot the bill.

Hint, hint… send in your emails

If he’s hinting that he needs your help to budge Square Enix, you can contact the company through social media to stir up interest. I’m not so sure this project would be possible, though. Not only are the aforementioned topics a little taboo nowadays for a company the size of Square Enix, the games were all critical flops and don’t have much to provide to gamers outside of their fanbase. You either love these games or hate them… or have no experience with them at all.

There’s no middle ground with Drakengard at all, even less so than the original NieR.

Plus, Dragon Quest fans had to lead an all-out Internet rebellion to get games over here that are universally loved, and I’ve personally been trying to drag SaGa Frontier onto PlayStation Network for years. Square Enix is a tough boulder to move sometimes.

Drakengard is most likely destined to remain on PlayStation 2 DVDs until the end of time.