Square Enix surprised American audiences when it said it was actually going to be localizing Drakengard 3. Who would have thought that the company which, at the time, abandoned its JRPG niche for AAA western ambitions would think about targeting the audience who like such weird games? Well, the day is now here, and you can pick up and play Drakengard 3 for the PlayStation 3 at the price of $49.99.

What year is this? 2005? That's the price of a PlayStation 2 game!

With the way Drakengard 3 looks and feels, it might as well be. It is highly reminiscent of a time when Japanese games dominated the console scene, and this kind of storytelling and action were the norm, not the niche.

Six sisters rule the world as goddesses, and their balance of power helps keeps the world at peace. However, one murderous sister decides that she has had enough with peace and sharing for whatever reason and decides to plunge the world into chaos by assassinating the other five. What instigated this sudden rage? You'll just have to play to find out.

As a bonus, Square Enix has released an interview with the game's director as he describes expectations he has of gamers and… well, just watch for yourself.

I've been grinding away on it since it went live yesterday, and I gotta say that this is one rough game. Dante is rolling in his grave, now that Capcom has killed him and all, if this is the best that Japan can do with the genre he established these days. Still, there is enough mystery to the story and brilliant music to keep me chugging along happily for the time being. Expect my full thoughts in the coming days.

Drakengard 3 is available for the PlayStation 3 as both a retail and downloadable title in America.

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