The latest exclusive announcement for the still soaring PlayStation 3 is a game that nobody ever believed would get made. Drakengard 3, or Drag-On Dragoon 3 as it's known in Japan, has just been announced in the latest issue of Famitsu, and it will reunite many members of Cavia, the dissolved studio responsible for the first two games.

Shuttered and disbanded in 2010, Cavia created the first two Drakengard games back during the PlayStation 2 days. The cult-classics were made with an awkward blend of jumping between battling hundreds of enemy units on the ground and jumping into a dragon saddle and roasting them from the air.

The formula didn't prove as popular as Square Enix would have liked, but the games have survived in the minds of fans around the world for their off-the-wall storylines and gratifying levels of depth.

While not officially reforming, Square Enix has gotten many old members of Cavia back together, including the director of the first Drakengard, Taro Yoko, to work on the game. The last game the team completed before closing was a low key action RPG called Nier that released back in 2010.

Somebody must have forgotten to tell Sony and Square Enix that the current generation of consoles was supposed to start being phased out. If the number of exclusives rolling out for the PlayStation 3 this year continue to up, then it would be safe to assume that Sony's ready to see this ten year console cycle through to the end or maybe even try to win it all.