Dragon's Dogma

Capcom has announced their open-world RPG Dragon's Dogma has just shipped one million units since its release last month, being the 55th game released by them to reach the benchmark. Because of this success, Capcom has branded the new IP into their next big franchise with sequels to follow in the future.

Hype for the sleeper-hit appeared out of nowhere after a demo appeared on Xbox Live and Playstation Network in April. Earlier comparisons to FromSoftware's Souls series and Capcom's own Monster Hunter series were put to rest once gamers got their hands on the game's fast paced action and experienced the scope of the game's open world.

While the news of the game being a hit is great for Capcom, the polarizing critical reception has divided gamers with quite a large gap. Fans of the game applaud the intense action rare to the genre, unique approach to multiplayer, and beautiful visuals, especially with the unique enemies. Detractors bemoan the overall lack of polish, steep learning curve, and even the similarity to last year's RPG mega-hit The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Personally, the jankiness and difficulty makes the game stand out in an age when games have to hold gamers hand through their well polished cinematic worlds. It rings true to the classic Capcom hell rides they've always been famous for, and Dragon's Dogma deserves to be a series as long as the developing doesn't lose sight of that.

Gamers wary of the mixed reception or still unaware of them game can check out the demo for themselves on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. It provides a brief look at the combat and sample of what multiplayer can offer. The game itself is available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

[via VG247]