When I first heard that Capcom was taking its surprise hit franchise, Dragon's Dogma, online in a full blown MMORPG, I was rather dismissive of the idea. I mean, the unique edge of the first game was the asynchronous multiplayer, sharing your progress and Pawns with other players while never having to directly interact with them. The very nature of an MMORPG runs contrary to this neat idea.

Of course, the heavy hitting hack 'n slash action back-dropped with a generic fantasy world also might have had something to do with it. If that is what was more interesting to you, then maybe Dragon's Dogma Online isn't such a horrible investment. The first trailer is here, and it actually looks pretty good!

Dragon's Dogma Online doesn't do away totally with the Pawns. Using them is still an option in the game as you and your four member party, of either AI pawns or actual human players, scour the landscape and battle giant monsters. From what I gather from the information, it sounds more like an instance based game with a far more streamlined map than the original's open-world.

Not a bad idea considering I thought the original's was really cumbersome to trek across.

First impressions are quite nice, and because it will be free-to-play, there is no stopping anyone from checking it out! More from Capcom as it becomes available.