Dragon's Dogma

Taking your RPG online seems to be the latest en vogue thing to do among game developers. Remember when we played Skyrim, this massive wonderful RPG which allowed us to explore and interact with an entire virtual kingdom? Yeah, well, following that we got a far smaller version with far less interaction, but hey! At least we got to play with other people, yeah?

"Right? Hey, where are you going?! Stop that! You can't play Skyrim online! Why are you still botheri–?"

Capcom's own sleeper-hit Dragon's Dogma was inspired by open-world RPGs like The Elder Scrolls, and just like its inspiration, it now seems to be following right along in its footsteps. Trademarks in the European Union have been found for a game titled Dragon's Dogma Online by eagle-eyed readers over at NeoGAF, naturally meaning that a lot of cynicism and doubt followed shortly afterwards.

Not that I can blame them. Dragon's Dogma wasn't a perfect game and had a lot of issues with its punishing world and long, arduous treks, but taking it online is probably the last way I would think to improve it.

In fact, it destroys the very essence of what made the original game fun: asynchronous multiplayer. Playing with other people through training your pawns, yet never playing directly with them. It was a unique idea that had a lot of potential, but putting other human controlled players into the mix rids the game of the feeling that you are indeed the "chosen one."

Plus, its action heavy combat might struggle with the servers, and I mean, I just plain don't want to play with other online people these days. This is all speculation, and Capcom might not even be working on a direct sequel. Maybe this could be an online community or even a social game through a browser. We'll just have to wait and see.

In the mean time, let's just sit back and wait for Capcom's other incoming RPG deep down. Maybe we'll hear from that before we do Dragon's Dogma Online again.