Many fans rolled their eyes at the free-to-play Dragon’s Dogma Online when Capcom first announced it, but the company is now getting at least a first laugh. Two days into the game’s lifespan and it already appears to be an early hit for the Osaka based publisher.

After launching on Aug. 31, Capcom confirmed the game had 700,000 downloads on the first day alone. As to how many of those people actually played the game, 140,000 characters were created. My guess is the work week held lots of people back from firing up the game after it downloaded, so those numbers should start to close off before too long.

For those who don’t remember, the first Dragon’s Dogma was a surprise hit for Capcom back in 2012. Many praised its Devil May Cry-esque combat and unique “Pawn” system, but the game’s world was a little too cumbersome and unforgiving to call it a great game. Many hoped that Capcom would fine tune its idea for a sequel, but the purely online path is not what they were expecting.

Dragon’s Dogma Online is available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC in Japan. No word on an English release just yet.