Dragon Quest IV

Yuji Horii has opened up on his upcoming game Dragon Quest XI in an interview with French Final Fantasy fansite FFRing. Touring Paris Japan Expo this past weekend, Horii stated that the game will be a classic, single player entry with traditional mechanics and will be playable on a home console.

Just the way your grandfather likes it. Fans have been wondering what Dragon Quest XI would be like considering that the last few have veered pretty far from tradition. Dragon Quest IX was mostly single player, but it was for the Nintendo DS and had a robust multiplayer endgame. Dragon Quest X is of course an MMORPG, and the most recent spin-off, Dragon Quest Heroes, is an action game based on the Musou titles.

None of that new age stuff in Dragon Quest XI. Check out the full interview below in which Horii also talks on virtual reality, smartphones, and Dragon Quest's upcoming 30th anniversary.

What about Dragon Quest XI? Have you prepared something special to celebrate the 30th anniversary? Will it be an online game?

Horii: "(Laughs.) Nothing is decided! But yes, we are preparing something. We can't say anything right now, but yes, we're working on it. One thing is certain: Dragon Quest XI will be an offline game. But we'll have more information on that front soon."

Does the real-time combat of Dragon Quest Heroes make you want to evolve the gameplay for the mainline series of games? Like what Square Enix is doing with the Final Fantasy series?

Horii: "No, Dragon Quest XI will be a return to the traditional mechanics of Dragon Quest. If we do another action RPG, it will be in the Dragon Quest Heroes series. We want to differentiate those two types of games."

Will Dragon Quest VII and VIII for 3DS be released in the west at any point? Many fans want them.

Horii: "(Laughs.) We hear and read that a lot of fans are indeed passionate about these games, and we're thinking about it."

Square Enix announced a remake for Final Fantasy VII. What is the possibility we'll see a similar large-scale remake for Dragon Quest games like Dragon Quest III?

Horii: "There isn't anything planned at the moment, but there is a possibility for it in the future."

What's your opinion on smartphone games?

Horii: "I don't think that the success of smartphone games should be a reason to only make games for smartphones. I really think that games have to be designed for different platforms. Dragon Quest XI will, for example, be a game designed for home console because it will be designed for a controller."

A few years ago, you made Dragon Quest Swords, a first-person Wii adventure game where use of the Wii Remote was very important. Does the age of virtual reality make you want to experiment with new concepts such as this?

Horii: "It's amazing! I personally had the opportunity to try Project Morpheus, and it's a very strange feeling. I really felt there was a girl next to me. Another demo had a shark, which was very impressive and realistic. If time allows it, I'd really like to make a Dragon Quest game using this technology."

Of course, Yuji Horii let it slip an hour after this interview was published that Dragon Quest VII and VIII would indeed be localized "in French" while giving a live speech. Now that we have those games "almost confirmed" for Western shores, we can sit back, relax, and get hyped for Dragon Quest XI.

The life of a gamer and a fan, huh? That's just the way it is. My gut is telling me it will be released for the PlayStation 4, and it will be similar in spirit to the grand adventure of Dragon Quest VIII. I also will bet that it will be localized because nobody would release a PlayStation 4 game exclusively in Japan and expect it to make money right now.

Well, except maybe Dragon Quest of course.