Boy oh boy, do I wish Dragon Quest XI to be a short game. I mean, setting enough time aside to play a JRPG is difficult enough anymore, but with this game, I’m going to have to play it twice! Once for the high-end PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch version, once for the portable Nintendo 3DS version.

Both look fantastic in this new batch of screenshots, which recreates the same scenes in their three respective gameplay engines. Yes, two versions, three gameplay engines! What will they think of next?!

The screenshots also spill a bit more information on three characters. One is our protagonist, who we get to name, a custom in Dragon Quest games. He’s a young man from Ishi Village who discovers he’s a reincarnation of a legendary hero, and he must set off to fulfill his destiny. Well then… I’m on board with this!

Who are your Dragon Quest friends this time around?

Naturally, he needs a blonde, childhood girlfriend, so we also get to meet Ema in these screenshots. Rustic, country-girl Ema. Square Enix probably wants to channel Dragon Quest V’s Bianca through her, one of the series’ most popular females, or maybe even Cindy from Final Fantasy XV. They all have a similar air about them.

Camus is the third character, and I’m still betting on this guy being an untrustworthy ally or anti-hero, no matter how much he says otherwise in the screenshots. He strikes me as a Vegeta or a Terry from Dragon Quest VI, a passionate guy who might let his pride or anger get the better of him. I got my eye on you, Camus!

Their world is called Rotozetasia, and it is held together by the magic of a giant Tree of Life that floats over its central continent. Our hero’s quest is to speak to the tree, should he prove himself worthy.

Dragon Quest XI will be released for the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in 2017.