Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii and Producer Yosuke Saito continue to chip away at the digital block of clay that will eventually become their “Venus de Milo,” Dragon Quest XI. In fact, the two of them, Square Enix, Armor Project, Orca, Toylogic, and every single party involved with this massive JRPG are just about to wrap up the main scenario, with only side-quests and mini-games still lingering.

In a recent livestream, Horii and Saito confirmed that development for the main scenario for Dragon Quest XI was coming to end. The two did not provide a release window for the game, but that is still believed to be around April or May 2017 in Japan.

Dragon Quest is also a series that rarely breaks away from tradition, and in this regard, Horii also confirmed that the game would feature a buzzing casino, just like every other Dragon Quest dating back to the dawn of time. Horii is well known for his love of gambling, and that love carries over into the video game series he champions.

He also confirmed the “Spell of Restoration” would be making a return. For those who don’t know, this is a reference to the password system used in the first few games, back before companies learned how to include save files in video games. I doubt Square Enix is eager to bring the password system back to such a massive JRPG, so this will probably used in a different way this time around.

Dragon Quest XI is in development for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS, and it was also recently confirmed for the Nintendo NX. I’ll probably end up buying all three.