As expected, Square Enix didn’t bring Dragon Quest XI to E3 2017, but that didn’t stop it from showing off a hilarious new trailer during the show’s duration. *HINTHINT!*

Now, Puff Puff is a code word that only Dragon Quest fans will understand. Nobody is quite sure what Puff Puff is exactly since the games always fade to black before the actual act occurs, but in the world of Dragon Quest, it involves a blindfold, a bunny girl, and a slime monster. Your imagination is left to take over the rest.

What, you thought these were JRPGs for kids? Think again, fools! This series is created by a man who has a love for all things seedy, especially gambling. This is why every Dragon Quest game has a casino.

Square Enix’s recent trailer stars Japanese actor and singer Takayuki Yamada as he waxes nostalgic about his youth with Dragon Quest and loses himself to Dragon Quest XI on a brilliant HD television screen. Indeed, in the trailer, he comes closer to learning what Puff Puff is than any other Dragon Quest fan in history.

Consider me a jealous man. I’m dying to know!

Dragon Quest XI will be released for the Nintendo 3Ds and PlayStation 4 in Japan on July 29. A Nintendo Switch version is also in development. No localization news has been confirmed… yet.