Dragon Quest XI leak

We’ve known this day would come for over a year now. Tomorrow, Square Enix is finally getting around to announcing Dragon Quest XI. How do we know this? Well, aside from some seriously not-so-subtle hints through Jump! magazine and the string of recently announced games, we now have a leak that all but confirms it.

Gematsu has kicked up an official low-res rendition of Dragon Quest XI’s logo from the official Japanese website, and it will apparently be subtitled “過ぎ去りし時を求めて,” translated into “In Search of Departed Time.”

We’ve only heard about what Dragon Quest XI could be like from creator Yuji Horii’s mouth, stating that he wants it to be an old fashioned one-player console experience unlike the last two main entries in the franchise. No MMORPG elements like Dragon Quest X and no portability like the excellent Dragon Quest IX.

Keep in mind that the console has yet to be named, and the debate continues on whether or not the PlayStation 4 or Wii U could be where it ends up. My guess is the PlayStation 4 since its future is starting to look brighter for Japan, and the Wii U is starting to wind itself down. Anything could happen. I wouldn’t rule out a PC port either since most Square Enix consoles games are migrating that way these days, but Dragon Quest always plays by its own set of rules.

Speaking of which, we might have had to fight Square Enix tooth-and-nail to get the Nintendo 3DS remakes in the non-Japanese speaking parts of the world, but I don’t see it skipping over this one. Dragon Quest’s fanbase is simply too frustrated with Square Enix’s unfair treatment of the series, and something has to give. No online component means no legitimate reason not to give it a shot other than corporate cowardice.

Gematsu also kicked up yet another game called Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Scanner, which is the first we’ve heard of it. Sounds like another iOS and Android game to me. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Dragon Quest Battle scanner

Speaking of the string of announcements, we call also expect to see:

We’ll know for sure tomorrow! The livestream will be broadcast from 5:00 to 6:30PM in Japan, so be sure to tune in all day for trailers and sweet, delicious galleries. I’ll be sure to catch them for you.