Need a reminder of why Dragon Quest XI is one of the biggest games of 2016? Check out this video and see why. Development has hit its peak, according to those working on the game, and this footage captured by NHK shows series creator Yuji Horii, Composer Koichi Sugiyama, and the entire crew of the game plugging away at this epic fantasy.

Bits and pieces of information can be found throughout the video, but the biggest is clearly the addition of flying mounts. Our hero, who does not have a name, can train his dragon and fly around at will.

Another revealing bit of information is the combat. We see but a brief strike against an enemy monster, and his friend runs away. It’s seemingly unimportant, but to Dragon Quest fans, it’s a world of difference from the traditional turn-based fighting that has always been present in the series.

Dragon Quest XI is going to be an action RPG?

Dragon Quest is a series that is a staunch defender of traditions, and it usually finds ways to evolve without tweaking what makes it so unique. Such a change to the combat would be even more out of place than Final Fantasy XV’s take on action RPG mechanics.

However, let’s not forget that Yuji Horii originally wanted Dragon Quest IX to be an action RPG back on the Nintendo DS as well. When that news leaked out, fans reacted badly, and he and his team were forced to make a more traditional JRPG.

I doubt this will happen this time, if that’s the case. The world is changing, mechanics come and go. I loved Final Fantasy XV’s combat too, so Dragon Quest has just as much right to try something new if it can deliver. Much like Final FantasyDragon Quest already has an MMORPG in Dragon Quest X to help it try new methods of combat in the offline games ever.

It deserves a chance, and I’ll give it one if Horii has really taken the action route this time.