Dragon Quest X is coming to the Nintendo 3DS, making it far and away the most ported game in the series' history. It already has a home on the Wii, Wii U, smartphones and PC, and this latest version makes it available on almost every practical device in Japan. Is there a PS Vita chance in there somewhere?

The crazy side of the story is seeing how Square Enix is using cloud space to create these massive MMORPGs on simple handhelds. This Nintendo 3DS build uses the same streaming technology which powers the mobile phone version of the game, and this non-native support allows for cross-platform play with all versions, including the Wii U. The only sacrifice is that there is no 3D support through the upper screen. Big loss there.

But, looking deeper, Square Enix has allowed for cross-play between the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS! Is this the first game to directly join gameplay from the two Nintendo platforms? I would like to see how Nintendo of America would use this foundation to push some ideas forward for the American public.

It goes without saying that we are never going to see Dragon Quest X in the States, so there must be another way of going about it.

Dragon Quest X will cost 3800 yen ($40) upon release on Sept. 4, and it will have the game's normal subscription fee of 1500 yen ($15) a month.