Dragon Quest VIII is such a gorgeous game that Square Enix has found a way to easily share your experiences and images with friends. A new Camera Mode will be added to the Nintendo 3DS remake when it launches next month in Japan, and screenshots will be saved straight onto your console’s SD memory card.

Granted, some have claimed that Dragon Quest VIII is not as beautiful on the Nintendo 3DS as it is on the PlayStation 2. They are not wrong, but they should still be happy with the fact that this game exist on a viable handheld platform, though. It gets the job done, and it doesn’t make the PlayStation 2 version obsolete. The truncated lifespan its console’s weak hardware does that!

The Camera Mode also acts as a gameplay function in which a new character will give quests for scoring images of Dragon Quest’s iconic monsters. A simple press of the start button will snag up the image.

Images can also be taken of the game’s cast, so you know what that means! Expect a whole lot of Jessica screenshots to be hitting the net on Aug. 27 in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS.