We don’t even have Dragon Quest VII yet here in North America, and already, Square Enix is working on another remake in the series for the 3DS. This time, the lucky winner is Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, the PlayStation 2 masterpiece released back in 2004.

The new version will introduce new scenarios and two new party members to the fray, a lady thief named Garda and Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road‘s Morrie. Dragon Quest VIII’s magnificent musical score will be revamped by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, and it will feature new Street Pass options as well.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this. For one, I naturally would rather have Dragon Quest VII more since I’ve been patiently waiting for it much longer, and Dragon Quest VIII has already been translated to modern standards. Square Enix has also not provided any 3DS screenshots showing off the graphical quality. I think I would give higher credence to a 3DS version than the hack job iOS version, but I always believed that Dragon Quest VIII was gorgeous enough to warrant an HD remaster.

Plus, I wonder what the addition of new characters will do to the chemistry of the four stars. That chemistry is one of the main reasons Dragon Quest VIII remains popular, and another element or two could throw it off balance.

I can see why Square Enix wants this game on the Nintendo 3DS right now, though. Dragon Quest VIII was the absolute best selling title for the PlayStation 2 in Japan with over 3 million sales in the first week alone. The Nintendo 3DS userbase has likely peaked by this point, so Square Enix needs to strike before the next generation pushes the hard reset button.

I’m sure it will be a fabulous little remake, one I would definitely want to play if given the chance to in English. Timing circumstances and the pile of untranslated Dragon Quest games already lost in the cracks of Square Enix’s couch are holding back my excitement.