We have plenty of other generic “gruff” fantasy worlds out there. Dragon Age, The Witcher 3, each with a more miserable and dark story than the one before it. Why not try something happy for a change, gamers? It might help with that sunny disposition!

Dragon Quest VIII is one of the most well regarded and beloved JRPGs in history for a reason. There is so much more here than simply tapping commands in a menu. It has a genuine heart and soul powering its 80-100+ hour running time, never once getting tiring, and more would love it if they only tried. Of course, Square Enix has to give us that option first.

Despite its reputation for being a very basic JRPG, Dragon Quest VIII comes loaded with extra activities to do. A new trailer for Dragon Quest VIII shows off a good many of these. Monster battling a la Pokemon, dressing up your characters, alchemy, the new camera mode, riding mounts, swashbuckling with pirates. All of these activities only complement the charming adventure our five protagonists and their new two friends from the remake set out on.

This trailer comes with a bit of horrifying news. Dragon Quest fans especially know that Nintendo’s draconian region-locking policies have left them on the outside looking in for the past four years, but it seems that is not enough. Square Enix has taken an extra step to region-lock its trailers now too, suppressing Dragon Quest even further from its neglected Western audience rather than letting new fans discover it.

Luckily, All Games Beta uploaded it to Dailymotion for all to enjoy. This is the Internet, Square Enix. Did you expect this not to leak in some fashion? Sounds to me like the bubble-economy generation calling the shots in the Dragon Quest branch of the company should take some advice from the younger generation of Final Fantasy guys. Those dudes are just killing it these days.

I mean, Dragon Quest even got a Twitter and Facebook page, kind of like when your grandmother did a full decade after everyone else.

Obviously, it’s Dragon Quest’s fault for being a boring franchise that holds it back from the popularity it deserves. It has nothing to do with Square Enix squatting on it like Smaug the dragon. Responding to criticisms by further shutting out fans is about the exact opposite direction gaming companies should be heading down these days.

Dragon Quest VIII will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on Aug. 27. Series creator Yuji Horii says he wants to bring the remake to the Western world, but naturally, Square Enix isn’t talking. Keep the voices up, Dragon Quest fans. This might become a two way dialogue in the next decade or so.