Dragon Quest VIII for the Nintendo 3DS might take a bit of a hit in the visuals, but Square Enix is making up for it with content. New characters, new scenarios, and, perhaps the most exciting of them all, a brand new expert level dungeon.

Our heroes stumble across this cave in Dragon Quest VIII‘s expansive world, and the monsters they find inside are not messing around. All of them are severely overpowered and can crush the fighters in a single blow. And at the end of this blistering tunnel, they’ll find the lair’s boss, a giant demon named Jahagaros. He has been sealed away for thousands of years, but now that he is back, only our heroes can stop him!

Only, nobody knows exactly what his grand scheme is just yet, but it probably has something to do with destroying the planet.

Square Enix isn’t talking either on the kinds of rewards you can expect from beating Dragon Quest VIII’s secret dungeon, but isn’t just the thrill and sense of accomplishment enough? No? Okay, I agree. Something worthwhile better be at the bottom of that hole.

Dragon Quest VIII will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on Aug. 27 in Japan. The game is rumored to be in the process of localization by series creator Yuji Horii, but he was speaking off script when he declared that. Square Enix has yet to confirm anything.