Siggghhh, Square Enix has announced another Dragon Quest game for the Nintendo 3DS, meaning it is another Dragon Quest game that we probably won’t get to play. At any rate, here are the first screenshots from the Japanese version of Dragon Quest VIII’s Nintendo 3DS remake.

I’m not entirely sure what to make of these. Much like the recently released Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for the New Nintendo 3DS, Dragon Quest VIII obviously had to make a few sacrifices to its visuals to thrive on the Nintendo 3DS. Soft borders have been replaced by jagged lines, and the grandiose scale of the world now feels cramped within the frames of the Nintendo 3DS’ limited screen.

Your interest in this all depends on what kind of experience you are looking for. Do you play in a larger, beautiful world from your television screen, or do you settle for mobility while taking a hit to the visuals? Luckily for Dragon Quest VIII, its character models and art direction aren’t as detailed as those found in Xenoblade Chronicles, so it translates better.

However, the original game was a masterpiece because of its huge world and sprawling landscapes, not because of its simple gameplay. Those taking a hit kind of defeats the purpose. The graphics are fine but merely serviceable. They aren’t stunning or awe-inspiring anymore.

Further trade-offs in favor of this remake are fully orchestrated music, full voice support, random battles thrown aside for monsters on the field, and a few new characters and scenarios. One of these explores our silent protagonist’s childhood. Isn’t he cute sleeping in that bed?

If Square Enix brings this over here, I’ll definitely check it out. However, if this is given higher preference to Dragon Quest VII, I will just explode! We already have a superior version of DQ VIII on the PlayStation 2, which probably means we might be getting this since a translation up to Square Enix’s modern standards is already available.