Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past is now available for the Nintendo 3DS, and, hint-hint, it's really really good! Those three and a half years of fighting and waiting to get the translation in North America have paid off more than I could have dreamed.

The problem, though? This might actually be the first Dragon Quest game that many are diving into, and the massive 100 hour adventure is proving to be a little much for some newcomers. Square Enix's Nintendo 3DS journey makes even The Witcher 3 seem like a passing mobile game!

Rest easy that Dragon Quest VII is not exceptionally hard, but a good many gamers don't quite know what they are getting themselves into. Nintendo has prepared a beginner's guide and an FAQ for those looking for a little information on how to get off the ground.

As for me, I don't yet have a beginner's guide for Dragon Quest like I do a few other JRPG series' I love. However, once upon a time, I did call Dragon Quest IV one of the absolute best games for newcomers to the JRPG genre to cut their teeth on. That holds true today, and if Dragon Quest VII's unique pacing is pounding you into the dirt, take comfort knowing not all Dragon Quest games are this expansive.

Give Dragon Quest IV a spin if you can find it, and then jump into this complex adventure once you've gotten your feet wet.