Dragon Quest VII will launch for Japanese iOS and Android in Japan this week on Sept. 17. Just in time to kick off Tokyo Game Show 2015, giving Square Enix the perfect opportunity to advertise its newest product! What a coincidence.

The mobile version of the game is based on the Nintendo 3DS remake, the one oft-requested by fans in the West. Its graphics seem much sharper than that of the Nintendo 3DS version, but the big problem is that it does not support a panorama view, stuck entirely in the confining resolution of vertical mode. Playing this version is the equivalent of playing the Nintendo 3DS one locked in a closet.

Of course, I never get sick of that theme song and never skip an excuse to post it up. Who doesn’t love themselves a nice little Dragon Quest jingle?

We’re still waiting for confirmation of the game being translated into English. The series creator Yuji Horii says he wants to do it, but he was silenced and Square Enix hasn’t spoken of his comments since. With a mobile version confirmed for Japan though, my gut is telling me we have a better chance of playing it in the West. Now the question remains if Square Enix will continue to ignore the Nintendo 3DS.

Stay tuned. The incoming launch of Dragon Quest Heroes might spell out better news for us.