It’s become standard fare in the video game world that when a publisher hasn’t delivered on support of a game, the fanbase will step up and politely do it for them. Recent examples from just this past month include amazing footage of Mother 4 and modders adding co-op into the PC version of Resident Evil Revelations 2.

The latter even forced the publishers hand in creating its own official multiplayer patch. Let’s hope that this new fan project lights a fire under Square Enix for a game that many fans have been begging for for a very long time: a Dragon Quest VII 3DS English translation.

As you can see, the project is still in the early stages of translating equipment, items, menu and shop options, but the game’s massive amounts of text actually containing the plot has not yet been touched. Depending on how many people are working on this project, that could take quite a very long time thanks to Dragon Quest VII’s infamous length. The creator’s reveal post on Reddit though claims to have obtained a copy of the PlayStation version’s original script, so hopefully that will speed up work.

Just because a translation is in the works though doesn’t mean we will have immediate and easy access to it when it launches. The Nintendo 3DS has proven to be a beast of an emulation project with the Internet’s modding scene still struggling to crack its inner secrets. Who knows though? Maybe a working scene will be up and running by the time this project wraps up.

Of course, all these “maybes” and “possibilities” wouldn’t even be an issue if Dragon Quest VII’s localization had the official backing of Square Enix. I don’t support emulation in cases where a game can be paid for digitally or easily obtained in physical form, but when there is no ability to play in your native language, what other option is there? Waiting for a localization that might never happen?

Not in today’s world. The days of leaving your games exclusively on Japanese shores died out in the 90s.

News of the localization comes as Operation Hero’s petition to translate Dragon Quest VII, Dragon Quest X, and a handful of other untranslated entries from the series crosses 5,000 signatures. Who knows where we go from here? Noise for Final Fantasy Type-0 over all those years and an eventual fan translation of its own eventually led to the official announcement of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

You know I’d love to see this game follow a similar path. Seriously, let’s watch that trailer again. Who with a soul in their body wouldn’t want to play this charming game?