We all know I’ve been looking forward to playing this game for the longest time, but do we know why? What does this Dragon Quest game do that RPGs, including the ones in its own franchise, don’t? This latest “Discover the World” trailer gives a pretty good look into why.

The sprawling blue oceans, the green lands and peaceful beaches, it’s an aesthetic I can lose myself in far more easily than a generic fantasy world. The character models have a ton of personality that the series has only rarely ever touched on.

However, the true joy of this game is world building! The game’s protagonist is the son of a fisherman stuck on the last island in the world, and only through blasting around in the past can he hope to rebuild each of its lost continents, unlocking even more characters, more stories, and more adventure! It’s a cycle that feeds into itself for the nearly 100+ hour playtime!

The original PlayStation version is often loved for all of these ideas, but it is dreaded because of its stiff animations and poor pacing. I read a quote recently from this Nintendo 3DS’ remake’s producer, who said something to the tune of “When you remake a game, remake it how fans remember it, not how it actually was.” It’s like that new Voltron cartoon in way.

If Square Enix, Armor Project, and all parties involved can deliver a product that helps Dragon Quest VII achieve its ultimate potential, then we might just have the pinnacle of the series on our hands.

At least that’s what I’m hoping. Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past will be released on Sept. 15 for the Nintendo 3DS, and that’s a day that can’t come fast enough.