Oh dear, someone toss me into a bomb shelter, because I’m about to explode. Square Enix has just announced a port of the Dragon Quest VII 3DS remake for iOS and Android, and it will be bringing this version to Tokyo Game Show 2015 from Sept. 17 to 20.

And that noise you hear is the collective gasp of Dragon Quest fans wondering if Square Enix will be putting this on a higher preference for localization than the Nintendo 3DS version that’s been begged for over the last three years. Seriously, it’s been three years since we first found out about this game, and still we have nothing.

Now, there is nothing to suggest Square Enix has reached this decision yet, other than the company treating the series with a purely mobile mindset in the Western world over the last four years, so let’s not jump to conclusions. Take a deep breath. Relax.

If the game is finally localized, as series creator Yuji Horii claims he wants to do, for iOS and Android, then there is very little need to hold back on a Nintendo 3DS version. That’s nothing but bad press and a showing of poor faith just waiting to happen. Judging by the passion put into demanding this title, I don’t think the relationship Square Enix has with its Dragon Quest fans could possibly survive, and that is a hot potato Square Enix definitely doesn’t want to juggle anymore.

No jumping to conclusions, no jumping to conclusions. Everything is fine…

Never mind that the Dragon Quest VIII mobile port is far inferior to the PlayStation 2 version and even the Nintendo 3DS version. Never mind that fans have been met with dead ends every time this becomes an issue or slithers back into the news like a venomous snake.

It will all work out if I just believe! I forget which Dragon Quest game taught me that.